A Full-Service, Inclusive Experience


No matter the project, The FoxwooD Group Inc. is your ideal partner in residential construction across the Greater Hamilton Area. Incorporated in 2019, we strive to place a wide range of in-demand services at our clients’ fingertips, creating a fully inclusive experience while reducing costs and stress levels!

As you begin your construction project with our FoxwooD Custom Homes division, store your valuables using our convenient temporary storage solutions. As demolition and construction progress, use our waste disposal services to keep your site clear of garbage or dangerous debris. Inside your home, count on The FoxwooD Group Inc. to build your custom woodworking projects and install the perfect windows or doors for the space.

By bundling your services together with The FoxwooD Group Inc., you’ll maintain a single point of contact to manage your every need throughout your project — making it simple to get exactly the service you need, exactly when you need it. Get the most out of your contractor — choose The FoxwooD Group Inc. and the wide variety of resources under our umbrella. Start creating your dream home today — it’s never been so easy!

Custom Homes & Luxury Renovations


Specializing in custom home building and major residential renovations, FoxwooD Custom Homes offers our clients high-quality, luxury home construction. From initial design and planning through to construction and final approvals, we work hand-in-hand with clients to create their dream homes.


The FoxwooD Group Inc. - FoxwooD Custom Homes
The FoxwooD Group Inc. - FoxwooD Storage Solutions

Clean & Convenient Temporary Storage


Undergoing a large renovation can be stressful enough without considering how to store the contents of your home in the meantime. Rather than displacing your valuable throughout other rooms or renting an off-site storage unit, work with FoxwooD Storage Solutions to receive your own temporary on-site storage. Plus, with the rental of a storage unit, FoxwooD Storage Solutions will arrange delivery and pick-up of the unit!


Easy Bin Rental & Waste Disposal


Demolition and new construction can be messy — from discarded wood, drywall and fixtures to broken glass, nails and more. In order to make your worksite as safe as possible for the homeowners and our tradespeople, we offer on-site waste bin rentals for all your construction needs. Included in the rental is unit delivery, pick-up and final waste disposal. Organize your bin rental with FoxwooD Disposal today!


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The Foxwood Group Inc. - Foxwood Windows & Doors

Custom Windows, Doors & Installation


When it comes to the care of your home, windows and doors can make a huge impact on how well your home stands the test of time AND how it looks. Whether you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, add more light to a room with a new window, or change the overall aesthetic of your space, new windows and doors could be right for you. With FoxwooD Custom Homes, installation is always included in your purchase! Learn more about our windows & doors today.